Why are Wills important?

  • So that you can make provision for your loved ones on your death;
  • So that you have a say in what you would like done with your property;
  • Without a Will (if you own an asset worth over $15,000.00) your next-of-kin will need to apply to the Court to administer your Estate.  Your assets are then dealt with by law and not necessarily the way you would have wanted.

Some Definitions:

  • Willmaker – this is you;
  • Executors/Trustees – the people you choose to look after your assets;
  • Guardians – the people you choose to look after your children;
  • Legatees – recipients of specific gifts, eg, jewellery, car, money;
  • Beneficiaries – recipients of everything else in your estate.

How do I make a Will?

We have made this easy for you by providing a Form for you to download and complete.  Once completed, please return the Form to us in accordance with the instructions on the Form.  We will then be able to draft your Will for you.  Please note:  A Will is not valid until it is signed correctly in accordance with New Zealand Law.  We will help you with this.  Please click the Will Instruction Form.

Further information can be found on Katherine’s Blog: