Turning the clock off

There is nothing more frustrating for clients to receive a legal bill higher than they originally expected.

There are some exceptional circumstances where this may happen, but generally, at Katherine Wilmott Legal Ltd, we are turning the clock off.

Below are some approximate figures to assist you:

• Property Purchase – between $1,100 and $2,250 (plus GST/disbursements)

• Property Sale – between $900 and $1,500 (plus GST/disbursements)

• Refinance – between $600 and $1,300 (plus GST/disbursements)

• Will – between $200 and $400 per document (plus GST/disbursements; discount for couples)

• Enduring Powers of Attorney – between $200 and $300 per document (plus GST/disbursements; discount for couples)

We do not charge extra fees for filing, storage or for photocopying.

Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, for most transactions you will not be charged for extra telephone calls, additional emails, or that extension of time you need for your purchase.

Please contact our office first to discuss your fee. We can then turn the clock off.

Disclaimer: Turning the Clock Off does not apply to all areas of law or for complicated matters beyond the standard. Special conditions apply. Please contact Katherine Wilmott Legal Ltd for further information.

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(Figures applicable from 1 April 2019)