Your Digital Footprint – updated 28 November 2023

Living in a digital age has changed our lives. We bank online, order groceries online, share photos through Facebook and Instagram, spend time in virtual worlds, blog, surf, and let’s not forget Google has the answer for just about everything. Most people have created their own “digital footprint”.

Have you ever thought what would happen to your digital footprint if something happened to you? If your passwords are stored in your head, how would your digital footprint be dealt with in the manner that you want? Facebook can create a memorial for you. However, it is not always that easy. Because the World Wide Web is just that, worldwide, the rules change from country to country.

We have passwords for everything. Some people, unwisely, use the same password for everything, others change theirs regularly. One way to preserve your digital footprint is to include a clause in your Will which allows your trustees access to your passwords. You will then need to consider the best way to store passwords without compromising your internet security bearing in mind that not all account providers will allow you to store your passwords outside your head. There is no completely safe and fool proof way. However, your Will may be able to assist here as it is held securely and confidentially by your lawyer which could include your confidential digital footprint.

Soooooo …….. whether you are proudly exhibiting your latest travels on Instagram, levelling your Blood Elf or Pandaren in World of Warcraft, or dancing up a storm on TikTok, you should make safe and secure arrangements for your digital footprint with your Will, then you are free to enjoy.

Your Will assists in ensuring your property is dealt with in accordance with your wishes, whether real or digital.

Note:  Katherine’s Blog is not a substitute for legal advice, please contact your lawyer.

Your Digital Footprint – updated 28 November 2023