Katherine’s First Blog – January 2018


Happy New Year.

The holiday break gives us time to relax, revive and to be inspired with new ideas for 2018. Having spent New Year’s Eve with family including an accomplished blogger, my blog idea was formed.

The purpose of my blog is to include articles, information and comments on the law and how it relates to you, the reader. My aim is to interpret the law in plain English and give you examples on how the law relates to your daily life.

The law is ever changing, and keeping up with it is a mission. Having had the privilege of serving on the Executive of the Property Law Section of the Law Society for three years, and also being part of a Ministry of Justice Advisory Group for the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation (a lot more interesting than it sounds), I have been able to be at the forefront of legislation when it happens.

Now I want to explain it to you, in layperson’s terms.

Enjoy the read.

Note: Katherine’s Blog is not a substitute for legal advice, please contact your lawyer.

Katherine’s First Blog – January 2018